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The goal is to help break the vicious cycle of poverty through sport and education while helping to boost cultural exchanges between the different population groups.

“Our philosophy is to make a lasting and meaningful impact, in as many individuals as possible through both sports and education, thus empowering them to a better tomorrow.”

Hamiltons Football Academy is an approved public benefit organisation (PBO) and has been approved for purposes of section 18A(1)(a) of the Income Tax Act and donations to the organisation will be tax deductible in the hands of the donors in terms of and subject to the limitations prescribed in Section 18A on the Income Tax Act.

Tax deductible donations (Section 18A receipts) The South African Government has recognised that certain organisations are dependent upon the generosity of the public and to encourage that generosity has provided a tax deduction for certain donations made by taxpayers.

The eligibility to issue tax deductible receipts is dependent on section 18A approval granted by the TEU, and is restricted to specific approved organisations which use the donations to fund specific approved Public Benefit Activities.

A taxpayer making a bona fide donation in cash or of property in kind to a section 18A-approved organisation, is entitled to a deduction from taxable income if the donation is supported by the necessary section 18A receipt issued by the organisation or, in certain circumstances, by an employees’ tax certificate reflecting the donations made by the employee.



Donate and invest in our boys and girls football development, mentorship, education and help grow their future.

Our Internal Programs consist of:

  • Academy Coaching Programs
  • Tutoring & Life Skills
  • Community Coaching Workshops

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Through our coaching workshops we empower community members and leaders to be able to conduct well structured coaching sessions.

They will be well equipped to continue our coaching programmes independently in their community without continuous supervision, keeping the youth fully occupied through sport. 

With the Hamiltons outreach program we aim to help, uplift and support those who are deprived of equal opportunities.


We promote and empower the development of Women in Sport by encouraging girls to participate in sport and recreation programmes.

We encourage the transformation of sport for the benefit of every woman and girl in South Africa. The ability to drive gender equality by teaching girls teamwork, self-reliance, resilience and confidence.

Women in sport are inspiring role models.


We have a very successful intern programme which offers work based learning experiences with meaningful practical work, related to a student’s field of study or career interest.

The internship gives a student the opportunity for career exploration and development, and the opportunity to learn and develop new skills.

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